Junior Enduro 2022

The 1st ever Junior Enduro event run by us. Junior riders rode a challenging layout for 2hrs.

Thank you to all who supported the event and here is to a promising future and hopefully a championship.

Well done to all the riders for battleing their way round. See yous at the next one.

Jordan Scott on the TM

Smashing out sprint laps at Doon Motopark and a little display of what a big adventure bike is capable of in the right hands.

Enduro Kids Spanish Style.

Hard Spanish Enduro Kids Championship

Last Rd Proride Enduro Championship. 

Jordan Scott VLog

What an event at Toddsleap Enduro Park

What happens when the Nitro Circus team takes on Erzbergrodeo 

MX riders have heores too….they ride Hard Enduro.

ProRide Enduro Champioship 2021

Round 3

Sherrards Pit Limavady

Cross Training Enduro Team

Bringing us another great video on Dirtbike injuries and mind games, we all know we have been there and no doubt will be there again.

Proride Enduro Championship 2021

Round 2

Tinkerhill Newry

2020 AMA Endurocross

Rd1 Burnout

ProRide Enduro Champioship

Round 1

Toddsleap Enduro Park

Jordan Scott

Offbrand production

Jordan living the dream and promoting Husqvarna on 3 very different bikes.


Filmed by: CameronTurley(@cameronturley_) Robbie Donaldson (@authorising) Jordan Poole (@jaypizzell) Edited by: Cameron Turley (@cameronturley_)

Special thanks: HTM motorcycles Mikey Mckeown Greenscape NI James Preston

Todds Leap Enduro Park

Greggs Hill.

Few snippets from the Greggs hill section, this is the middle line

Valleys Extreme 2020

Stuart Mack demonstrating the grit and determination needed to be a hard enduro rider . Also with a never give up attitude you will succeed. 

Graham Jarvis

The King of Hard Enduro.

There is no doubt that this man is one of the, if not the greatest hard enduro rider of all time and he continually proves that age is just a number. Like a good bottle of wine the older the better. 

Sit back and enjoy the display of skill that we can only dream off.

Training Video.

Very unique look at how the military used to train thier outriders for off road. How times have changed, I can’t see Health and Safety allowing this. 

Manuel Lettenbichler

How to have fun around a sawmill

A funny take on the sex life of an enduro rider.

Nitro MX take on Hard Enduro Erzberg

Check out the worlds best MX riders Travis Patrana , Jeremy McGrath and the Nitro Circus crew take on the Iron Giant at Erzberg. Even Motocross riders have heroes….and they are Hard Enduro riders. David Knight certainly did kill them.

Kilworth Enduro Special stage

TORC Enduro Irish Championship

A lap of the special stage from a couple of seasons ago with our very own Jordan Scott putting the 4T Husky through its paces while dodgeing the trees. Another excellent Time Card Enduro run by TORC Club.

The Fallible Enduro Beast.

Narration David sort of Attenborough.

Enjoy a look at whats in store at Todds Leap Enduro Park.

80% Rider and 20% Bike

Here is the proof.

Steve Holcombe Racing

Check out Steve Holcombe having fun on a trials bike, not quite sure they were built to be rode like this. Check out the grin factor, sure is that not what its all about. Ride with a smile.

We Love Enduro

Blood Sweat and Tears it sure was.

1st round Eddies Extreme British championship. 8.08 thats yours truly getting pulled out of the mud. Massive thank to the spectators that pulled me out, actually 3 of them who worked tirelessly helping me and others. Cost me a lap and a lot of energy but still loved it, in a very starnge way of course.


Enduro is awesome.

10 ways to hop a log from the Cross Enduro Training team.

Strength & Conditioning Training with Jonny Walker

As we all know a very important part of hard enduro riding is physical fitness.

Machete 2019

Pro riders interviews.

Jordan Scott

County Downs finest Jordan Scott showing the rest how its done at the 1st rd of the HTM XC championship. Jordan is in a league of his own in this champonship. He competes at the highest level in Enduro, a regular finisher in the championship class in the british extreme championship competeing against the likes of Jarvis, Bolt, Walker etc. Qualified on the front row at Erzberg in 2019. I think that says it all. Enjoy the video 

1983 Enduro 

Throw back to the days before super soft tyres, light bikes, electric start etc…just raw hard slog. You have to love our sport.

Barry Donaghy 

Our very own Barry Donaghy playing on his Sherco. Barry switched from Husqvarna to Sherco for the 2020 season. Former Irish champion and one of the top riders in the country, a regular top ten finisher in the expert class at the British Extreme Championship and continues to progrees through these ranks and is more than capable of becoming British Champion. Also an Erzberg competitor in 2019. We wish Barry all the best with the Sherco.

More motivational enduro riding with good music.

Exclaim Enduro Tours Cyprus

See me attempt the infamous  K1 and fail again. The camera doesn’t do the hill justice. I will make it one of these days.

Jonny Walker Q&A session

How I became a pro.

Jonny Walker

Check out Jonny’s garage and his KTM’s.

TIME: A short Enduro film.


The meaning of Life.

Mid life crisis……I guess we will all have one or indeed already had one.

Enduro riding like music is good for the soul. So here is both to enjoy


Enduro is a challenge, just you and your machine, fighting the elements, the terrain, the exhaustion and pain. You feel like stopping, giving up…..but you don’t because You are an Enduro Rider. We never give up.

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